Wrought iron gates are indisputably the strongest, sturdiest and most durable driveway gate material. In addition to the high level of security they offer, due to their resistance to both leverage force and impact damage, they are also aesthetically superior and will increase the look and overall value of any property. 

1.      1.   Choose a gate with a U-frame

A u-shaped frame that runs along both sides of the gate and below or a frame that runs around the entire gate edge is the strongest type of gate structure you can get. This shape ensures the gate is strong, does not flex and does not eventually sag and make contact with either your sliding gate rail or the ground of your swing gate area.

2.       2.   Choose a Single Piece Gate

Single piece wrought iron gates are those that do not have to be assembled onsite from multiple pieces and are welded together in their entirety. These gates will not have bolts and pieces that loosen up, slip and become misaligned over time.

3.       3.  Choose Punched-Through Pickets

The vertical wrought iron bars – called pickets, must always be punched through the midsection support and not laid over. Punched-through pickets are much stronger than laid over pickets which are merely welded into place. In addition, with punched-through pickets the gate will look as good on the inside as it does from the outside.

4.       4.  Ensure you’re Getting what you’re Paying for

Stronghold iron is by far the strongest and most durable wrought iron and should always be sought out by security and longevity concerned homeowners. You should always ensure you’re actually getting wrought iron and not a cheap aluminum or steel knock-off painted with a coat of black paint – the weight generally gives the knock offs away.

5.       5.  Choose a Powder Coat Finish

Different wrought iron entrance gate manufacturers will use different types of finishes; however, the best type of finish is a powder coat as it will last much longer and prevents rusting. Powder coat finishes will also ensure your gate will not peel, rust or have spider webbing occur.