Centurion is one of the country's leading manufacturers of sliding and swing gate motors which are guaranteed to effortlessly provide customers with many years of reliable service. One of their most popular sliding gate motors is the D5-Evo low-voltage motor which is perfect for residential use.

If the "low-voltage" label has you doubting this gate's power, think again - this motor is a miniature beast with the ability to push a maximum weight of 500kg. This gate motor will faithfully serve the average residence with speed, strength, safety and durability for many years to come.

This sleek domestic sliding gate motor is one of Centurion's most popular sellers - and for good reason. The D5-Evo can be used on just about any domestic sliding gate and will swiftly open and close - either manually,  with the use of a gate remote, with the aid of a timer (also known as an auto close function), and/or infrared safety beams.  It comes standard with the latest technological, safety and security features and is affordable.

It is possible to run a low voltage cable from the house to the motor, but we do recommend that a 220v cable is run to the motor. If power is far from the gate a solar system can be installed at the gate to run the motor.  Its LCD control monitor makes it simple for you to adjust the settings or reset the gate motor should,  for example,  one of your remotes be stolen.  In such a case, you can easily delete the remote using the selective deletion function and rest assured that you won't have any surprise visitors.

The LCD monitor also displays the status of the gate and the charge of the battery among many other critical details. To prevent unauthorized usage and tampering with your gate system settings the TX* menu lock feature allows you to block the menu.

Some of its most noteworthy safety features includes advanced lightning strike protection, standard anti-theft features, battery back-up and an auto-reverse and collision-detection feature. It also incorporates the latest code-hopping technology - which makes it near impossible for anyone to copy your remote code.

For added safety you can request the optional steel anti-theft cage and Centurion's infrared wireless safety beams to be installed, which will ensure your gate does not close if there is an obstruction or person in its path.  Pedestrian features can also be enabled, which will allow the gate to open just enough to allow a pedestrian to safely enter the premises.

As with most of Centurion's products, the D5-Evo gate motor comes standard with a 24 month warranty. If you're looking for a gate company to install your D5-Evo gate motor or conduct any repairs - Gate Repair Services will promptly send out one of our expert technicians to your residence.