ET Drive 600 High Traffic Sliding Gate Motor

The ET Dive 600 is the ideal sliding gate motor for high traffic applications and offers a range of user friendly functional and safety features making it ideal for residential and commercial applications. In the video Gate Repair Services technicians performed a new installation of the ET Drive 600.

Anti-Collision Safety Features of the ET Drive 600

The Drive 600 for sliding gates will automatically sense when it has collided with an obstruction. In such a case the gate will automatically stop, reverse to release pressure and, will then wait for you to use your remote to open or close as per normal.

Safety Beams for the ET Drive 600

Should you opt to install safety beams, the gate will automatically reverse if an obstruction is detected. It is highly recommended that safety beams be installed so as to ensure the safety of people and property. We also recommend making use of the in-built auto-close feature to ensure that your gate is never left standing open by accident.

Setting up the holiday lock-out mode on the ET Drive 600

Activating the holiday lock-out mode will allow you to prevent anyone from opening the gate – even if they have a remote. This is ideal for use when you’re away on holiday and want to prevent workers and secondary remote holders from accessing your property. To engage the lock-out mode you simply need to press your remote button and hold for 5 seconds. Once you hear the buzzer and the status LED turns on you need to push your BT button to confirm that the activation of holiday lock-out mode.

The above process is the same for party mode – during which you wish the gate to remain open for a longer period of time, however, the holiday lock-out mode can only be use when the gate is closed while the party mode can only be engaged when the gate is fully or partially open.

How to use manual override on the ET Drive 600

Should you need to manually open and close your sliding gate - you can quickly and easily use the manual override. You simply need to raise the lock cover and insert your motor key and turn clockwise to unlock. You then simply turn the lever ninety degrees to the gearbox and thereafter you will be able to manually move your gate. To lock your gate and reengage your sliding gate motor, simply use the same procedure in reverse.

Call us for installation, repair and maintenance of the ET Drive 600

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