Gate Repair Services always recommend that clients install infrared safety beams when automating their entrance gates or upgrading their gate automation and security systems. Centurion's Photon wireless safety beams are among the most advanced and reliable beams available on the market and we recommend them over and above any imported brands.

Infrared safety beams work by sending a stop and/or auto-reverse signal to your electric gate motor in the event that a child, person, pet or vehicle is obstructing the gate's path. This prevents your gate from causing physical injury and vehicle or property damage.

Centurion's Photon safety beams are wireless to the receiver side and therefore will not require any wiring to be run underneath your driveway. The beams make use of two AA Alkaline batteries to operate the receiver and will sound an audible alarm in the event that the batteries are running low and need to be replaced. A single set of AA batteries should, however, last a minimum of two years and the weather and ant-proof enclosures will also go a long way in ensuring a long and maintenance-free service life.

The Centurion Photon beams have a 10-meter operating range and should, according to manufacturing recommendations, be placed 750 mm off the ground - making them perfectly suitable for almost any entrance gate and driveway and capable of picking up the presence of smaller pets. They are compatible with the intruder-detection alarms which come standard with most newer electric gate systems and certainly in all Centurion gate motor systems.

Due to their wireless nature, many people think that they can install the beams themselves and proudly spare themselves from having to pay installation fees. However, although this may be a fairly simple device, improper installation may include improper mounting, misalignment and inappropriate or dangerous systems settings. As stated in the manufacturer's manual - any installation, servicing and repair work should be conducted by properly qualified individual to ensure proper functioning and to prevent unnecessary damage to the system.

Gate Repair Services, with over 30 years in security, are experts in the installation and repair of Centurion gate motor and safety systems - including both the wireless Photon and i5 hard-wired infrared safety beams and have over three decades of experience in the field. If you'd like a quotation on the installation of Centurion's wireless or hard-wired safety beams, please complete our contact form or call us to arrange for one of our experienced teams of technicians to come through to your property.