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Gate Repair Services supply, install, repair and service gate motors for all Centurion, Nice Hansa and ET & ET Nice products.

In today's world of high crime and violence, especially in countries such as South Africa, it is important that you have a functional automatic gate system. Driveway attacks and housejackings are on the increase in Johannesburg as thieves try to get to you inside your home or before you enter or leave your home. It is no longer just to protect your car, but your life.

The window of opportunity must be made as narrow as possible, so that potential attacks are discouraged. The faster the gate closes behind you when you enter the property, the less likely it is that an attacker will be able to get in behind you.

An automatic driveway gate is only good if it is in proper working order. All too often these security gates break down, and owner's either don't know who to call or just don't have the time to call around for the right services. Your gate or fence is going to break down sooner or later, through normal use, wear and tear, or even because of external tampering, or lightening. You need to get your gate back up and running in as little time as possible.

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Badly installed motor.  Note that the anti-theft bracket does not fit correctly and the wiring is dangerous..
Correct installation by Gate Repair Services.
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